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Will IRobot Roomba Make Your Life Easier?

It seems like the recently introduced robotic vacuum robots have won the market over. People enjoy using these smart devices. The leader in this industry is clearly Roomba. The company offers some of the best models at reasonable prices. Let’s find out more about the peculiarities of its i7 model and decide whether it has the power to make your life easier. IRobot Roomba: general overview The model goes the extra mile delivering the best-quality cleaning yet. If you get the i7+ model, it can even empty the canister without your presence. Regardless of that, the design of the robot vacuum cleaner is very nice. The cleaning head has improved power-lifting suction. What’s more, there are 2 multi-surface rubber brushes to deliver you high-quality cleaning. Compared to previous models, it has 10 times better performance. the built-in sensors and cameras help the device to map your floor and be more effective every time. Another interesting feature is that you may send instructions via Alexa or Google Home and define which room you want to be cleaned. The robot has a layout of every room and knows exactly where to go. The redesigned bin can be easily cleaned manually. The navigation is greatly improved compared to many other models. This vacuum cleaner can continue working from the place where it stopped during the previous cycle. The battery life is quite average. The convenient thing about this aspect is that the robot comes back to its base station whenever it needs to recharge. Unlike older models where you must carry the vacuum cleaner, this one is much smarter. One of the peculiar details of this robot is the possibility to get only one room cleaned. You may use the application and the house’s map to name each room. Then you only command to clean the room you want and wait till the job is done. This command, by the way, can be sent via smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home as well as via mobile app. The main advantages and disadvantages of IRobot Roomba Of course, this robot isn’t perfect yet. However, with the development of technologies, it gets smarter and better. The main advantages of the model in question are:

  • Excellent cleaning performance no other vacuum robot can deliver,
  • The dedicated app is available for iOS and Android-running devices,
  • You can send commands via Alexa or Google Home.
  • The settings let you clean up one room only.
  • Multi-floor mapping delivers a convenient map for the robot to navigate the house better.
  • The settings let you set up automatic cleaning.

On the other hand, the device has some drawbacks. For instance, it’s bigger than the competitors’ models are. This might make it harder to clean in some corners or narrow areas. Moreover, it’s a very pricey solution. If you are tight on the budget, this won’t probably be your best choice. The verdict All in all, IRobot Roomba is sure to make your life easier. Once you set it up, the device will clean your floor whenever you want. It comes with many helpful features including easy control via app or voice. This is an impressive model with an impressive price tag. It’s up to you to decide if these features are worth it.