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Samsung Smart Lock: Protect Your Life

Today, we’ll discuss some simple and very effective ways to add security to your device and protect all the passwords with Samsung Smart Lock technology. Let’s define what this technology is about, how to install it as well as the advantages it delivers. What is Samsung Smart Lock? The technology was created to operate on your Android-running devices. It saves all the passcodes for your convenience and protection. It brings some functionalities to your device making your experience better. For instance, you can avoid unlocking your device when you are in certain places. Another example is connecting to another device and skipping your screen password/pin. Speaking about Android-running devices, you can find this feature on Lollipop and Marshmallow versions. If you are not sure whether your smartphone has it, you can go to the official site and fins the link that will tell you more about the version of Android you are using. How to access Samsung Smart Lock? There are several simple steps that turn on this feature. Let’s take a look at what you need to do depending on the OS you have. First of all, if you use Android Marshmallow, you must pick Apps, go to Settings, and choose Lock Screen and Security folder. This is where you find Secure Lock Settings that lead you to Smart Lock. It delivers you 4 different solutions that we’ll discuss later in this article. On the other hand, if your device runs on Lollipop, only the first step coincides. You pick Apps and go to Settings. There you need to choose Security. Under the subtitle Advanced, you’ll notice Trust Agents. That’s where you can find Samsung Smart Lock. When you turn it on, you’ll start seeing it under the Advanced security subtitle, too. To access it, you’ll have to type your pin or passcode. 4 things you can do with Samsung Smart Lock Let’s get back to the solutions you see on the screen. No matter which path you took, the final interface coincides. When you explore the menu, you’ll see 4 options:

  • Trusted devices,
  • Trusted places,
  • Trusted voice,
  • On-body detection.

Let’s find out what they mean and can let you do. The first feature, trusted devices, allows connecting devices automatically. This can be a smartwatch, car Bluetooth, speakers, etc. Just follow the prompts to add new devices and the next time they are in range, the connection will happen automatically. The trusted place feature has another function. Whenever you add places like home or office, there won’t be a need to use a passcode to unlock the device in those areas. You can also benefit from a trusted voice. This feature implies that you can use your voice for “Ok Google” without unlocking the smartphone. Finally, there is an on-body detection feature. When you activate it, the device won’t be locked when you hold it or carry it in your bag. To enable or disable it, just use the switch. The conclusion All in all, Samsung Smart Lock is a pack of 4 interesting features that let you use your screen lock passcode less often. You can adjust the setting to your preferences and turn them on & off as needed. Mind that it works on Lollipop and Marshmallow Android versions only. So, follow the instructions to access Smart Lock technology and explore new possibilities with Samsung.