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Affordable Wireless Earbuds | JBL Earbuds Review

Let’s take a look at the wireless earbuds the company offers and get some insights into the JBL Free earbuds. We’ll go over the design, features, sound quality, pros & cons, and other essential aspects.

Design and general impression

The most advanced model is JBL Live. It has Ambient Aware and TalkThru technology. These buds also deliver up to 20 hours of work per charge.

JBL Tune has a different appearance but still convenient enough. The case has small lights that define whether the earbuds have charged. This model has good bass depth and crisp highs. While they are affordable and secure, the battery life is not impressive.

JBL Free earbuds are light and convenient. They come with additional tips and rubbers to help users pick the needed size. Consequently, this model can fit better. The earphones come in black, blue, and white colors. Tests have shown that the JBL earbuds are breathable. Such earbuds will fit almost any pocket. They are some of the most portable models. The earbuds come in a round case that protects and recharge them. Today we’ll focus on them.

An overview of control features

It’s very easy to use these earphones because they have only an on/off button and a voice assistant. Each earphone separately has specific functions. For instance, the left one switches songs. One can even choose whether to skip to the next song or rewind and listen again. To do it, a user must push once and twice correspondingly. The right can accept calls, trigger a voice assistant, and put the tracks on pause.

The advantages of choosing JBL Free

The earphones are not only affordable but truly wireless. They secure the following advantages:

  • The earbuds have higher than average sound quality;
  • Decent noise-canceling quality;
  • Compact size and convenient design.

These benefits could be a deal-breaker for some people. If you live an active lifestyle, workout a lot, or like listening to music, choosing this model with JBK Signature Sound can be a reasonable choice.

The drawbacks to choosing this model

However, they aren’t perfect. Comparing to some similar models, the buds fall behind in the following aspects:

  • High latency;
  • Lack of volume control on the earbuds.

While they aren’t essential for some users, others can treat them as decision-making factors. So, choose wisely to get the best possible experience.

Bottom line

The JBL earbuds are good for everyday use, regardless of what you are doing. People who go in for sports are sure to appreciate the convenience of using them during running or workouts. In case you have a long commute to work and wish to listen to music, audiobooks, etc., the earbuds will come in handy as well.

However, high latency prevents users from having a blast while watching movies or playing video games. While it’s possible to use them for such purposes, the result will be average.

Some users also complain that the buds lose the connection sometimes. They also have issues with the lack of volume control on the earbuds. Account for these details before you make a purchase.