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Spectrum Home Security: Is it Good for Your Home?

If you own a home, you are sure to need a reliable security system. Homeowners have to pick from a huge selection of manufacturers. In this article, we’ll focus on Spectrum Home Security. Let’s learn more about the system, its peculiarities, and some useful tips to help you decide.

What is Spectrum Home Security?

Spectrum Home Security is a security system designed for private houses. It’ll keep you home safe from intruders. The equipment works non-stop and monitors the situation via wireless router, cable connection, and the Internet. You can contact the official site to find out more about the options you can get and pick the most suitable for your house.

There are several bundles to choose from. If you pick the basic one, you’ll get a touch screen, a wireless motion detector, 2 door & window sensors, and yard signs. You can pick a bigger bundle if needed or add certain accessories based on your needs. For instance, you may get a camera that works day or night, a glass break detector, a smoke detector, a key fob, and various other gadgets. Everything depends on the size of the house and the needs you’ve got.

All devices use wireless technology which makes it really easy to install anywhere. As soon as you set up Spectrum Home Security, you’ll get still shots or live video to the device you pick. It may be a smartphone, a computer, etc. This is a very convenient option since you can monitor what’s happening even if you are far away on vacation and take measures if needed.

The main features you get:

  • Turn on the lights,
  • Keep an eye on your home,
  • Adjust the thermostat,
  • Lock/unlock doors remotely,
  • Remote access,
  • Schedule rules, etc.

These are some of the features you get and can completely adjust to your preferences. As you see, they are quite basic. So, if you need more, it stands to reason to explore other options. Just take a closer look at some top 5 security systems lists.

Useful tips you should know about

In 2018, Spectrum was involved in a scandal when it had a security breach and potentially revealed the identities of its users. Although the company hasn’t revealed how many customers’ personal information was stolen, it counts in millions. This is probably the biggest disadvantage possible. Since then, many users switched to more reliable companies and the rating of Spectrum Security System went down.

Besides, there are some other drawbacks, too. For instance, you must be a Spectrum Internet user to be able to get security services. What’s more, the agreement states that refurbished equipment can be used, which is upsetting for the price tag they’ve got.

Spectrum Home Security: Surprising facts you’d better know beforehand

The company also provides other types of services, not related to security. You can get the Internet and cable TV on the same bill. While it can be convenient, the truth remains the same. To get security services, you must add Internet services, too.

What’s more, according to the latest reports, the company focuses on the latter two more than security (probably after the incident). The verdict is clear: there are many other decent options that deliver innovations in this industry to your door. Pick a leader in the industry to get the best possible experience and complete protection.