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HGTV Smart Home – Your Best Choice

HGTV Smart Home is filled with the latest tech. It’s a mixture of convenience and new technologies. Let’s get to know more about it and what the technology offers for different rooms.

Just imagine being able to dim the stairs with your voice, talk to Alexa in the shower mirror or playing golf in your garage. Sounds impossible? However, this is only a tiny share of the numerous innovations in the HGTV Smart Home. Let’s learn more about the most wanted devices on the market.

HGTV Smart Home: Top 10 gadgets you must get

  • SkyTrak Golf Simulator is an extremely popular toy that allows you to play the best golf courses from the comfort of your garage (or any other room). The bundle includes not only the launch monitor but also accessories like a net, a golf mat, a special cage, etc. However, you can buy only the monitor and get the rest separately.
  • Samsung The Frame 4K UHD TV doesn’t seem as impressive as some other devices on the list but when you are not watching your favorite films, it turns on Art Mode and displays beautiful artwork. You may pick the preferable categories or buy separate pieces. In addition, you are able to choose some frame options, too.
  • Bissell IconPet High-Powered Robotic Vacuum was created to bring cleaning to the next level. Send commands via Alexa and enjoy high-quality performance no other robotic vacuums can deliver.
  • Robonow RD622 is a robotic lawn mower that cuts the grass up to 3.5 inches. Using the application, you may navigate it. Besides, it has small blades in case it comes across small twigs.
  • Swash is like dry cleaners at home. It’s compact, doesn’t need water, and can refresh and iron your shirts in 10 short minutes.
  • Kohler Numi is a high-tech toilet. When you approach it, the seat opens, then it warms up and lets you pick the lighting color. Also, it comes with the speakers. They may play your favorite tunes, relaxing music or radio. When talking about the bidet, the settlings let you adjust both the front and the rare.
  • Compact TV Lift can be installed in the most convenient place for you. For instance, add it to the kitchen or bathroom counter, behind electric fireplaces, etc. You may activate it with an Alexa command.
  • Lennox iComfort S30 is the smartest thermostat ever. It relies on the GPS on your smartphone for your location to automatically switch modes when you aren’t home. Besides, it detects air quality and the levels of pollen in the area. A control panel lets you adjust all settings and is compatible with Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit.
  • SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is a 24/7 security system that has 6 monitoring senses. It also notifies you if someone is at the door and lets you have a conversation with the help of your smartphone or tablet. From all these gadgets, this part of HGTV Smart Home is in the highest demand.
  • Velux No-Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights is a system that monitors the weather, indoor temperature, etc. It opens the skylights as needed but you may control the blinds via the app as well.

HGTV Smart Home is inspiring. It aims to make life easier and more comfortable. From essential security and comfortable home climate to private dry cleaners and TV lifts. You may have it all. If you want to make your home truly smart, using this tech is the best solution.