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Lorex Security Cameras vs Samsung Security Camera

Security systems have become very popular lately. Today, we’ll compare security systems by Lorex and Samsung. Let’s find out which features they offer and what they have in common. Hopefully, it’ll help you pick the most suitable security solution for your home.

A brief overview of Lorex Security Cameras

This brand offers a wide range of expensive security systems. You can pick virtually any set you want including the number of cameras and some peculiar features. The main features you’ll observe in these products include:

  • Night vision is one of the most outstanding peculiarities. The cameras have both infrared (18 LED sensors) and color night vision which allows switching the settings depending on the light.
  • No 2-way audio is a bummer since some Lorex Security Cameras models don’t offer this feature. If it’s essential for you, double-check if your model has this feature enabled.
  • Both the hard drive and cloud storage are very convenient. You get a 1TB drive and can choose the plan for cloud storage.
  • 1080p HD delivers a very good quality of images. Besides, the models can deliver up to 4k video quality which is quite impressive.
  • Bullet and dome cameras make it convenient to set the Lorex Security Cameras properly all over the perimeter.
  • Push-up notifications are the alerts you get about the events that are happening on your property in real-time.
  • The temperature sensor delivers you the information about the weather conditions outside.

The rest depends on the model you pick and the accessories you add to the system.

A brief overview of Samsung Security Camera

Samsung is a well-known company that now manufactures security systems, too. The main features you can expect from its bundles include:

  • Mobile alerts are sent to your smartphone when something happens on your property. You can view the even in real-time and take measures if needed.
  • Weather-resistant devices make it easy to use the cameras outside wherever you need them.
  • Remote control means that you may use Smart Cam + to control the devices remotely. Use the app wherever you are.
  • 2-way voice capabilities make it possible for you to speak to people and pets when you are away.
  • Power outage protection includes battery power that keeps the system working in case the power cable is out or cut by the intruders.
  • High definition video is always clear and allows you to easily see everything with Samsung Security Camera.
  • Night vision allows taking clear videos as far as 16 feet away in complete darkness.
  • The motion detector lets you customize 3 zones and get notifications if any motion is detected.
  • Cloud storage comes with 3 levels of security. Nobody but you can access security videos.
  • Live streaming provides the possibility to stream videos from Samsung Security Camera on any device you prefer including a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, etc. This is especially convenient when you are far away on vacation, at the office, etc.

The conclusion

Both Lorex Security Cameras and Samsung Security Camera share lots of features. They deliver high-quality videos, send alerts, and store videos in the cloud. On the other hand, Samsung has 2-way audio while its competitor doesn’t. Lorex stands out offering a hard drive as well while Samsung only secures cloud storage.

All in all, both systems are worth your attention. Pick the one that offers the features you need and the price you can afford.