Torrent file

How to download Torrent file

There is a common myth that torrents are only used to download illegal files, but this is not entirely true. The torrent system itself was created from the very beginning only to transfer large and voluminous files; piracy is a side effect. In this article, we will tell you how to download a video, an archive of documents, or images via torrent safe.

How to create a new distribution with any torrent client

To make a new distribution you first need a new torrent client. The best way to do this is to use youTorrent, it is free and easy to use, but you can also choose any other that suits your system best. After that:
• After downloading the torrent client you need to open it and then transfer there the necessary document or folder you want to transfer
• After you do that, the torrent client will open a window to create a distribution, where you have to choose how to save the torrent files, define their name and remove any information from the “trackers” field. And after that, you need to remember to put “private tracker” in the inactive position. Confirm your action
• The torrent file will appear on your desktop, and it should be sent to the person you were originally intended to do this. This can be done via any application you like: Votsapp, Telegram, or email
• After you send the files to the addressee, open them in your torrent client to activate the distribution

How to download information via any torrent client

Suppose you are the addressee to whom the file from the last paragraph was intended and you have to download it. But how to download torrents properly?
• Open the torrent file in your torrent client
• Your torrent client will usually let you know exactly where you want to save the document before you download it, and also let you choose the priority and set any additional parameters you want. After adding the file to your torrent, wait a few minutes for the download to complete
• All information that is transferred in torrent format is transferred from one site to another without any intermediaries, so both torrents must be enabled for a successful transfer
• The torrent system does not care about unstable internet or other failures. You can even pause the download and continue later
• When your download is complete you should see your downloaded file in the folder you typed in the previous paragraph, and if you do not need to transfer any more files the torrent client should be removed from both computers

How to distribute data to multiple users at once

You can do it in a few clicks, you just need to send a torrent file to any number of users. The main thing is to have active torrent clients on all computers where the torrent is distributed. We also strongly recommend that you add the files to an archive and password protect them before sending them via torrent for complete security.